Thursday, July 6, 2017

... and we named her Alescia Lynn

50 years ago today, at 4:19 in the afternoon.
I just cannot wrap my head around the fact
that I have a child that's 50.
That's a half a century!!!!

Cards galore.
This one is from her mamma and Popi.

... from her friend

... from another friend 

... and a canvas from that same friend. 


  1. Congratulations to you and your daughter. The cards are just so beautiful. You're all very talented.

  2. Each one is prettier than the previous!

  3. Hi Sue, Happy Birthday to your dear daughter. Time sure marches on doesn't it? Your cards are incredible and beautiful works of art. You continue to create beauty with every card. Have a great weekend ahead my friend and stay cool. Hugs, xo

  4. Congratulations to your daughter on her 50th. the cards are lovely :)
    I know how you feel though, my eldest daughter turns 50 this year as well, where did that time go?


  5. Happy birthday to your daughter. She's receiving some lovely cards and that canvas is precious.

  6. OH my gosh! These are adorable. You have some amazing flowers, some that I have myself or have seen and others that I've never even seen. Beautiful images and perfect coordination. I'm so glad you commented on my recent giveaway so I could come by and catch up. Thanks for your sweet support. I see that Susan Tidwell also comments on your posts, and I'm wondering if you are in An Affair With Art, the group? Just wondering if we're connected somehow (besides our love for artsy beauty!) Hugs, Autumn