Saturday, March 25, 2017

Triple birthday

David celebrates today.
I can't believe he's 60!
I remember him when he was just eight years old.

Even though the man in this picture
has nothing to do with David,
I had to use it
because it's somebody from my dad's
side of the family.

I'd love to know old this man was in this picture.
Something tells me he was about 60.
The same age as David!
Amazing, isn't it?
"Back in the day" people looked much older
that they would in 2017,
don't you agree?

Patti is David's friend.
And she celebrates today also.

And last but not least,
today would be Maria's birthday, too.
Even though you would think it's
pronounced Maria,
it isn't.
It's pronounced Mariah.

The day we got married,
I told her I already have a mother,
therefore, I won't be calling her "Mom."
I also told her I wasn't comfortable
calling her Maria - just seemed disrespectful.
I told her I'd be calling her M&M,
for Mamma Maria.
She got the biggest kick out of that
and it started the whole candy M&M thing
between the two of us.

Happy birthday in Heaven, M&M.

1 comment:

  1. Great cards. How nice to use a relatives photo- and yes they did look older back in the day. I love your nickname for your MIL!