Friday, March 10, 2017

She's like my imaginary friend.

Or maybe a pretend friend.
Doesn't matter what I call her,
she's still my friend.
My blog friend.
There.  That's better.

I've never met her
but I swear I saw her.
A couple of years ago,
as I was standing at the register at JoAnn's,
I looked up at the door and in she walked.
Well, in my mind, it was her.

The woman that entered the store
was a spittin' image of Sandi.
Even though I'd never seen her in person,
and only saw pictures of her on her blog,
that woman could have passed as Sandi's twin.

I couldn't resist sending her a birthday card.
She received it the other day.
Just a couple of days early.
Just the way I like for my cards to arrive.

Happy birthday
to my imaginary, pretend blog friend.


  1. Haha!!! You're too cute!! Thank you my dear friend!! ❤️

  2. What a pretty card. I love all the layers and, of course, your signature flowers!