Monday, March 27, 2017

A quarter of a century

Wow - when you say it like that,
it seems like she's really old.
But in reality, 25 is extremely young!
It's all relative, isn't it?

Teryn's grandmother sent me pictures
and a poem and asked me to create
a maxi-card/mini album.
Her only prerequisite was that I include "25."

What better place than on the front cover?

I have been saving
these two organza flowers for years.
Because of their beauty,
I wanted to use them on something very special.

Then I started looking at the pictures.
There are blues in several of the pictures.
But there was a lot of purples, too.
So that's when I decided
to marry the two colors on this piece. 

If my memory serves me correctly,
Teryn was a year old here.

Proud mamma as Teryn holds a trophy
for winning a beauty contest.

Nothing like digging your hands
into your first birthday cake!

Riding competition.

High school graduation. 

College graduation. 

Guess you don't dig your hands
into your birthday cake when you turn 21!

Great poem.

Engagement party
with Alex.

Celebrating this epic celebration
with her mom and dad.

And her grandparents.

Happy 25th birthday, Teryn!!!


  1. Very pretty cards and very delicate memories. I wish her a very happy 25th Birthday.

  2. Hi Sue, you sure hit the mark on the wonderful keepsake card. Just perfectly beautiful!! What a wonderful gift. Happy Birthday to Teryn!
    Happy new week my friend. xo

  3. Very pretty. You do good work!