Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lottsa cards

It doesn't feel like it
but I have been cranking out cards.
For some reason,
I just don't make the time to post them here.
First up is my least favorite kind of card to make.
A sympathy card.
Especially when the reason is that somebody that has left all too soon.

I sent this thank you card months ago.
Was waiting to hear from Jayne to acknowledge
but that never happened.
I love to send thank you cards when somebody does something nice for me.
I hope she knows that I am truly grateful for her generosity.

It's always nice to see that other people like to send thank you cards, too.
Karen, I am sure your family and friends appreciate it
that you take the time to drop them a note to express your gratitude.
Karen's mother and father took Delaney on a special summer vacation
to New York City and Gettysburg.
Lucky girl.
And she knows she's lucky, too.
To thank her grandparents, here is the card.
Karen's Aunt Mary treated her family to lunch while they were in Philly.
Actually, she treated 20 people.
What a dear.
I thought this card with plates, a table and chairs
and Guest Check would be perfect.

Karen's cousins, Patty and Duane,
let her family use their beach house on the Jersey Shore.
What a kind gesture ... and one that deserves this card.
Karen asked for two more thank you cards.
Somebody will receive these cards one of these days.

Sending thank you cards is a dying art.
I wish that wasn't so.
Do YOU need to send somebody a thank you note?


  1. Oohs, I do love the last one. That blue chair is so perfect!

  2. Oh dear Sue you have been busy! All so lovely but that first one just pulls at my heart strings.
    Hope you are well and happy with all your work for the children. Such happy happy photos I saw over at Vicki's blog.
    love and hugs,