Sunday, August 23, 2015

Artist Appreciation Month

Well, lo and behold, there is such a thing.
I had absolutely no idea that August
is dedicated to appreciate artists.
How wonderful!
Those that bring beauty in our world
deserve to be recognized.
How did I find this out?
I received an e-mail from the ever-so-sweet
folks at Patience Brewster.
(More on Patience later.)
I was told that they recently discovered my blog
(and loves it!)
They went on to tell me that they think my creativity is delightful,
and they just love my aesthetic!
I was also invited to write a post on my blog
about the artists that inspires, motivates and influences me.
First of all: OH MY GOODNESS.
I've been creating with paper for some time now
but never once did I ever consider myself an artist.
Thank you for recognizing that!
I am honored!
I mean, I know my way around paper,
adhesives, flowers and glitter
but never thought of myself as an artist.
To me, an artist is Monet, Rembrandt and Van Gogh.
You know - painters.
The tough part is selecting somebody that inspires me in my work.
There are just too many to list.
And that list changes, as I change.
I am in awe of people that are on design teams.
I've followed blogs for many years
and always enjoy looking at their creations.
I find that some of the paper crafters from other countries
seem to have a different flair than American crafters
and they are extremely inspiring to me.
As I previously mentioned,
as I change and grow,
so does my thirst for other ideas and trends.
I have gone on many art event retreats
in the past couple of years and I am always in awe
when I see the work that some of these artists produce.
Smitty Baker and Sandra Feazel
can paint like nobody's business and their work is beautiful.
Both of these ladies have very unique talent.
I believe, in my heart, that my idol is Vicki Boster.
Not because I have a yearning to learn how to knit, mind you.
But because of her generosity, her business sense
and the way she writes her blog.
I have worked with Vicki for about the past seven years
and she continues to inspire and motivate me.
Sometimes it's not PEOPLE that inspire me - but THINGS.
I love color.  The brighter, the bolder, the better.
But I love the soft tones as well.
I love flowers.
I also love working with vintage images.
When I see "old" I can't wait to put it on a card.
I think those cards are most appreciated by people that lived in that era
and it makes me happy to bring a memory to them.
Now, about Patience.
Patience is an artist as well as designer of awesome gifts and ornaments.
Her art circles around the Christmas season.
Please - if you've never heard of her or seen her work,
do yourself a favor and visit her blog.
You won't be sorry.
Thank you, for recognizing me as an artist
as well as loving what I do.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


  1. Thanks for sending this. I enjoyed iit. There all kinds of artists and I am always so pleased to run into one.

  2. What an extraordinary compliment AND well deserved.

  3. I am humbled beyond words.... You know so many talented people. You inspire so many people that you meet at your retreat gatherings. That you would choose me is probably one of the greatest compliments I've ever had. The truth is-- we are a team. In actuality, I'm nothing without you. Your beautiful creations are the icing on the cake to my little nests. I think that we are totally awesome together...