Thursday, August 6, 2015

!!!!! Forgive Me !!!!!

It's been a long time.
Too long.
But not my fault.
You see, we were without some things that are really important:
our television
and our landline (and sometimes our cell phones)
and our wifii connection
and our Internet.
For 17 days!
We're back up and running - for now.
The electricians put a bandaid on the issue so we're hold our breaths.
Now I'm going through over 1300 e-mails
that were sitting there waiting for a response!
(Only 174 to go.)
Of course, sitting at the computer isn't putting steps on my Fitbit!
In the meantime, here is what should have been posted
in a more timely fashion.
My cousin had a birthday and here's the card she received.
I know your birthday was special, Lois - just like you.
On that same day,
my friend's granddaughter, Domenica, celebrated her birthday.
Just a few days later, my cousin turned 18.
Happy birthday, Tyler!

A huge happy birthday to my former pen pal, Julia.
This little girl reminds me so much of her when she was much younger.
I cannot believe how quickly she's grown into a beautiful young woman.
What a difference a year makes!
When we spoke last year, she was shy and of little words.
This year, we chatted for a long time!

And just a couple of days ago,
my friend's daughter-in-law celebrated turning another year.
Happy birthday, Denise!
And somewhere in those lost days,
a "thinking of you" card went out to a friend.
I hope you were lifted by Julie's thoughtfulness, Leah!
Remember this?
Well, the remaining two boxes were finally delivered to our sweet children.
Uganda is a long way from Texas,
but it should not have taken that long
for them to get there.
But, we're praising God that the journey has finally ended.
Josephine has sent me about 100 pictures.
Just wait until you see the smiles on those little faces.
My heart melted as the tears streamed down my face.
As soon as I can go through some of the good shots,
you'll see them right here.
Please be patient.
I also have several cards that were sent to friends
to honor International Day of Friendship, which was a few days ago.
Maybe tomorrow you'll get to see those.


  1. Lots of lovely eye candy with these cards, great job xxx

  2. Oh my goodness you have been without a lot of the conveniences we so rely on. Can't wait to see those gorgeous photos of the kids.