Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy Birthday, Billy

Well, it's BILL now, but he'll always be Billy to me.
We spent many hours playing together as we grew up.
In all actuality, probably the majority of those hours were spent fighting, not playing.
He is two years my senior and always wanted to be "the boss!"
Especially when he made me play CAR SCHOOL.
WHAT?  Who plays car school?
Cars were his whole life.
He couldn't wait until the new cars came out so that he could go to the dealerships
and collect all the brochures.
Didn't matter what make.
His daddy took him to all of the showrooms.
And he brought home the brochures - two of each.
One for me and one for him.
Did I care about cars?
Nope - not in the least little bit.
Oh - he wasn't being generous so don't be giving me the "awwwwwwwwws."
He brought them home for me to STUDY.
Yes, study.  I was probably the only eight-year-old girl that knew
all about engines, tires and upholstery.
Not only did he make me study them, he was the teacher in our car school
and he gave me tests.
Yes - tests!!!!!
PS - I always flunked.
He also had a parakeet he named Squeaky.
And squeak he did - after I "accidentally" stepped on him one day.
So, when I saw this little boy and girl and the bird cage,
I knew it would be perfect for his card.

Happy birthday, Billy!


  1. What a great card and memories, love how you have put them together like this.
    hugs Brenda xxx