Sunday, July 5, 2015

It's what we've all been waiting for ...

Look what has finally made it to Uganda!
Here's Josephine posing at the back of a van with one box.
I am waiting for confirmation from her that all three boxes have arrived.
I'm hoping that they won't have to wait for more to be delivered
and that they were all in one vehicle.
I know the children are so excited - as I am.
When I received this picture from Josephine, I cried.
The box looks a little beat up
but hey! it's traveled half way around the world, right?
It's been a very long journey.
The gifts left our home on March 3rd.
It took them four months and one day to arrive at their destination.
They have made it through Customs
and the shrink wrap has been removed.
But it's there!!!!!
I cannot wait for the boxes to be unpacked
and all the goodies sorted through for the children.
Josephine has promised pictures - lots of pictures.
And that takes time.
I must remember to be patient.
Please stay tuned ...


  1. Really good. And I do hope the others show up if they're not already there. It will make the summer good for the children.,

  2. Glad it's arrived, one out of three ain't bad but three out of three would be better :) Looking forward to pics.


  3. How exciting! Can't wait to see pics.

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  5. O, wonderful! I bet the children are happy!
    I am looking forward to seeing to pictures.