Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

My heart swells when I count my blessings - and I hope yours does, too.  Miles separate my family and I wish we could be together.  Instead, I hope your day fulfills you.

I am blessed to have so many friends - to you I say "Happy Thanksgiving."

This is the beginning of the holiday season.  Many of you may have your Christmas tree already up and decorated.  Some of you will be decking your halls within the next few days.  So with that in mind, I hope your fall cornucopia and twinkle, twinkle spreads a common denominator of happiness.

Go forth and make it magical.


  1. Hello. I came here from 2 Bags Full. I am not sure about the deadline for sending a box for the Josephine project. I don't know if the deadline is Dec. 1 or Dec. 15 to send a package to the address in Euless. I will watch to see if you make this clear.