Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy birthday to my cousin ...

Glenda is getting three of my cards this year.  This first one is from me.  I know she likes all things "rusted" and this little tin works perfectly.

This next card is from her daughter.  This card tells a story: a year or so ago, Glenda sent me a box of "stuff" and in the box was a ton of costume jewelry that belonged to her mother.  For sentimental reasons, I try to use some of the pieces on the cards that are for her or her family.  This card is no exception.  See the hand?  That used to be a pin - I snipped the back off and covered up the lackluster finish with several products.  Now she'll have a little something of her mom's on this card.  Oh - and you can't really see it on here, but the little leaf above the orange flower is rusty, too.

This year, her sister Nancy said "lets do funny instead of serious" ... oh boy, was I ever in for a treat.  A decade (or so) ago, gag gifts were requested at the birthday party and Nancy decided to wrap up our grandmother's wig.  Yes!  I understand that gift was the hit of the party - so much so, that Glenda's husband wore it ... until he was told where it came from - then it instantly came off.  Well, talk about a challenge!  Much deliberation later - not to mention all the supplies and embellishments I dug through, this is what I came up with.  I just have one question:  WHY in the world would you ever keep that wig?  Why?

Happy birthday, Glenda ... I hope you are enjoying your day.


  1. The wig...too funny! Oh the things we keep and in this case...perfect!

  2. Lots of birthday wishes. Lots of very pretty cards.