Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Because that's what friends do!

My friend, Beverly, asked me to make TWENTY cards to give as an (early) Christmas gift to her co-worker, Jill.  Beverly, Jill and I used to work together.  They still do but I no longer do.

Jill is just great at sending out handwritten cards and notes for any and all occasions.  I hope she enjoys sending these.

Today I will share the first 10.  Tomorrow I'll share 10 Christmas cards.

I started on these in September and as I finished each one, they were put on the dining room table where they lived until I packaged them up for delivery.  In other words, about two months.  Just about every time I walked by, I would stop and look.  This one jumped out at me almost every single time.  I would send to a friend celebrating a birthday or somebody that just needs to be cheered up.

This next one is so relaxing to me.  There's just something soothing about the image.  For some reason, this one speaks to me in several ways:  send me to wish somebody a good vacation or send me to wish somebody happy anniversary.  Of course, it's up to Jill for the who and why!  I'm sure she'll have no problem in that area.

A man celebrating his birthday should receive this one ... or maybe just a sincere thank you written inside.

As I was creating this one, I couldn't help but think it should be a sympathy card.  Or maybe just a "wish you were here" ...  for what occasion would you send this?

There's not a single doubt in my mind - this one should be sent to a best friend to commemorate any occasion.

Another one that just seemed to be destined as a sympathy card.  Naturally, it's Jill's choice and she might have something entirely different in mind.

Maybe Jill knows newly-weds or somebody that just bought a home.  Tell me why you would send this card.  I'd love to know.

What's not to love about this little girl?  Don't know about you, but I'd sure love receiving a card like this one - wouldn't you?

Oh yes - we can't forget the men.  This one would work for any occasion, too.  Oh, and wouldn't this truck be great in a photo shoot?

Here's another one that spoke to me from the dining room table.  It just may be my favorite of this group.  She is so elegant and classy!

I wish you could see these cards in person.  The pictures lack the dimension and the textures but hopefully you can still be inspired by them.

Which card gets your gold star?  I'm always curious to hear what style strikes your fancy.  Don't be shy ... leave me a comment and let me know.

Yes, that's what friends do.  How generous of Beverly.  Thank you!  I'm proud to call you MY FRIEND!!!

Well, that's it for today.  Tomorrow will be 10 Christmas cards.

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