Thursday, June 29, 2017

Happy birthday, Bill

For all he put me through growing up,
he shouldn't get a birthday card from me!
Bet you couldn't find two cousins
that fought more than we did.

Some of those arguments
were because of what he made me do.
You see, he loved (and still loves) cars.
His dad used to take him to all the car dealerships
in the small town where we lived.
He'd collect all the brochures
one for me and one for him.
And then he used to make me play
"car school."
You heard me right.
Car School.
WHO plays car school?

He gave me homework and told me
to study the brochures.
Then he'd give me written tests.

He loved his red pencil!
And his favorite grade was an "F" - must have been
his favorite because that's what he always gave me.
I'm still traumatized!

Now that we're a little older,
we don't fight any more.
And we don't play that silly car school either.

Now we recommend good books to each other.
Hence, the image on his birthday card.

!! Shocker !!
He spent Father's Day going to a car show.
Suppose he's surprising me with a new car?
For all of the bad grades he used to give me?
Well he should, don't you agree?

Happy birthday, Billy.
You see, he'll always be Billy to me!


  1. DealershipS? Girard had more than one car dealer? I never knew about car school. Too funny!

  2. Great story and very nice masculine card.