Saturday, November 12, 2016

Christmas Decorating

No, we've not pulled everything out of storage
to deck our halls.
Not yet.

But these two little ones
make me want to.

Several (too many to count!) years ago,
my friend sent me all of the "ingredients"
to make one.

Of course, I never did.
But I saved everything.

She visited last month and we scheduled a play date.
Once we opened the package of clay,
we quickly realized we needed
to go to Hobby Lobby.
What she sent was hard as a rock.

I had enough little bottles
for us to make snowmen.
I made two.
She made one
(I never thought to take a picture of hers though.)

But here are mine.
Sassy, aren't they?

I still have lots of leftovers.
I'll have to make some more
one of these days
(before the clay hardens!)
More little family members.


  1. very cute and creative, Sue! it looks like you had fun :) can you believe it's that time already? Have a lovely Sunday!

    Tamara xo

  2. These are so cute! I have several I made - they are so fun and each has its own personality.

  3. Hi Suzy, these little shaker snowmen are just adorable. I've seen different styles on etsy but yours are so cute. Love them. Have fun preparing for the holidays. Hugs!!