Monday, April 11, 2016

Many birthdays

Birthdays are such happy times.
And I just love to honor those celebrating!

My sweet little friend, Mariah, recently celebrated.
I remember when she was just born and here she is 17 already!
Rather than a card, this year she got a tag.

Vicki celebrated a week ago or so ago.
I'm sure her loved ones made sure she had a fun-filled day.

Patti just had her special day.

Julie also celebrated.

Kay received two cards.
One from her husband ...

and one from her daughter.

I know you ladies were spoiled.
As you should have been!
Let it be a good year.


  1. Each one is prettier than the one before. Love the second card where the photo flower and the "real" flower are so similar

  2. Beautiful as always. Love the tag. And the envies are so,pretty too!