Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's safe ... the coast is clear

It's okay to post these Mother's Day cards.
The recipients haven't seen them yet
but they won't see my blog.

I say it every year.
It's so bittersweet to create these.
Miss my mom more than anything
and wish I could be making her a card, too.

But, in light of all that,
Mother's Day cards are my favorite to make.
It allows me to use flowers, beads,
glitters, tulles, feathers, pearls, laces
and all things girly.

When I saw this worn chair, I fell in love.
I had to surround it with lots of flowers
just like those on the side table.

There's just something about metal watering cans
that melt my heart.
Oh - and fill them with lilacs and my heart sings.
These are one of my favorite flowers.
The wooden leaf and the brown feathers
tone down the green just a bit.

This one is one of The Runner's favorite.
And I can see why.
It just scream "SPRING" don't you thing?
The largest yellow flower is made from tissue paper.

How sweet is this one?
I love the petals that have fallen from the flowers
and haven't yet been swept up.
I tried to emulate it just a bit
with the flowers surrounding the image.
That soft pink flower?
Yep - made from organza.

I wish I could remember what she said
when she saw this card.
"So pretty" - but it was in Spanish
The powder blue flower
was made from vellum.
Love how it crinkled so perfectly.

This little vase of wildflowers
reminds me of my youth.
I used to go into the woods
then come home with a handful of pretties.
My mother used to give me
little bottles (vases) to put them in.

What more can I say?
The glass beads mirror the glass bottles.

It's difficult to see
but the white in the image is a woman's slip.
I love the colors.
Kinda romantic with the dusty lavender.

Growing up,
my neighbor had the most beautiful lilac bushes.
Light lavender.
Dark lavender.
Even white.
I tried to use these same colors
as I assembled the flowers to surround the image.
The multi-colored flower on the bottom?
Made out of embroidery thread.

How could anybody not love a bucket full of tulips?
On a chippy white chair!!!

Tell me.
Which of these would you like to receive?
And what is it that makes you say "this one" ...

That's all I can share right now.
But stay tuned - I'll give you the rest
on Mother's Day.

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