Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I said I was going to keep this blog up and running, didn't I?  Well, I haven't created anything new this week so I'll fall back on a few of my favorite cards.

I can't remember (without looking through my files) who this card was created for or for what occasion.  Did it arrive in your mailbox?  I just love the coffee filter flower and the distressed heart.

This card was so much fun to create and I love the bright colors - all of them!  The fabric rose I made just works perfectly on this cardstock.

I enjoyed creating this one.  A realtor friend of mine asked for something "Santa Fe-ish" so that she could send it to one of her clients.  The howling coyote is actually made out of metal and he looks perfect in front of the Ver Day painted tag.  Here is a similar (to the one above) fabric flower I made using a different pattern.  It amazes me when I look at fabric and then see what happens after it is twisted and turned.

Here's another multi-color fun card.  No handmade flowers here, but I did dye and crinkle the seam binding.
If my memory serves me correctly, this was a "Happy Thanksgiving" card.
This card was a sympathy card that I sent.  I sure wish I could crochet flowers like this!

You will notice that these cards are chubby - meaning extra postage and a little bit of work getting them in the envelopes.  Some people just mail them in padded envelopes.  All of my cards have matching/coordinating envelopes and I really love to dress them all up ... of course, those would only be for cards that are hand-delivered.

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  1. You're on a roll now! Keep going as it gets easier the more you post.

  2. Just looked a little closer. That paper on the Thanksgiving card is gor-juss!

  3. I did this yesterday, but will do it again. Lovely cards. Know how hard you work on them. HB

  4. You make beautiful cards-,every one of them are so unique. They are treasures to keep forever:)

  5. Tried to get on your blog the first time you posted notice and it didn't work. Tried today and now I'm here! Love all the flowers you're making as well as the way you're using them!

  6. Let's try this. Love these cards. You do good work. HB