Tuesday, June 18, 2019


If you know Beverly,
you love Beverly
but not as much as I do!

I met her in June 1995 - she was one of the many people
that interviewed me for a job.

We hit it off immediately and became
work buddies.
And then forever buddies.

We work'd together,
we laugh'd together,
we cry'd together,
we breakfast'd together,
we lunch'd together
and we dinner'd together.

But most important?
We have remained friends all these years.

There's nothing she wouldn't do for me
and there's nothing I wouldn't do for her
(except maybe eat tofu!)

Enjoy your day sweet Girrrrrrllllllfriend!


  1. I love the layers and beautiful colors on this card. Also, great story! Friendships that stand the test of time are often rare.

  2. Sue, so far behind here, but also on my own blog - where I suddenly saw it is one months ago, I posted last,- so got something on in a hurry , yesterday !
    So wonderful with a friend like that Sue , she will love your card ! xx