Friday, May 12, 2017

A Mother's Day Album

I call this one "52Q:  Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"

What is this, you ask?
It's an album with 52 questions.
Thought-provoking questions.

All the ones I created in the past were Christmas gifts.
The first question was to be answered
the first week of the new year ...
and a question each week for 52 weeks of the year,
hence 52Q.

Except for one, every album was created for a teenager.
(Which, I think is a great gift for a young one.
It's something I wish I would have had as a youngster.
Can you just imagine how much fun
it would be to pull it out many, many years later
just to read where your head was as a teenager?)

Several years ago, I was on a roll
and created quite a few albums, just like this.

The "except for one"
was created for Shannon (a gift from her mom)
EIGHT years ago!
Shannon was a few years away from her teen years.
But not too many.

Talk about making a gift last,
she is still answering questions.
As she was recently doing so,
she thought "wouldn't this be a great gift
for my mother-in-law?"

And the rest is history.
Shannon contacted me, I put together some questions,
she and her husband, Ruben, reviewed,
nixed some and added some.
And then I got to work.

What a wonderful idea, Shannon.
It's something she will leave behind.
Somewhat of a gift to her family some day.

Let's take a look ...

Here is the front cover, in all its glory.
You will see, the pages with the questions
are so plain.
I don't 'do plain' so I gussied up the cover
as much as I possibly could.
I pulled out all the stops and prettied it up.

Here is a view from the bottom looking up. 

The inside cover was so bland,
so of course, I had to give it some personality, too.
Rather than putting the title on the front cover,
I chose to tuck it in right here.
That little piece of seam binding?
All she needs to do is untie it and take a peek inside.
Once opened, it's a tri-fold.

Front and center, here is the woman of the hour.
Can you believe she is 81 years young?
Isn't she beautiful? 

On the left side is a little something I wrote.
Last night, when Shannon and Ruben stopped by
to take possession, as they read this,
I'm pretty sure I detected some misty eyes.

And on the right side is the 52Q: 

I am choosing not to post all of the questions,
but I do want to share a few of my favorites:

Now I can't wait to create another one!
And I also can't wait to hear Soledad's reaction.

Happy Mother's Day, Soledad.
I hope you enjoy your gift.

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  1. This album is amazing! I love the highly embellished cover and the pages you've shared. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift and truly a keepsake for her children! Lovely work, as always. Happy Mother's Day to you.