Sunday, April 16, 2017

In your Easter bonnet

Through the years ...
Looks like the Easter bunny
was hopping through the snow this year.

As I grew, so did the bunny.

In addition to the bunnies,
my parents always, always, always
went to Peggy Gray's Candies
in Erie, Pennsylvania.
I can still taste the chocolate bunnies!
And the best part?
I'm pretty sure they are still in business.
If you live in the area,
I highly recommend a visit.
Oh - and have a bite for me, too.

Okay - enough reminiscing!
Let's get down to the present.

Monica sent friends and family
Easter cards again this year.

Kathleen's aunts
received these cards.
I love the bunnies in this image,
I had to create another card presenting them.

And last but not least,
sweet Vicki is remembered again this year.


  1. Happy Easter.
    Cute black and white Easter photos of yourself and I love all the Easter cards, truly beautiful!

  2. Love the old photos!
    Those were the days when we dressed in our Easter finest!
    Beautiful cards!
    Happy Easter....diane @ thoughts&shots