Saturday, February 25, 2017

Christmas Birds

If you've been following along,
you know I've been making bird tags
for the students on The Runner's bus.
Every Christmas, each of the kids
gets one of my birds.

Here is one from this past Christmas.

One day this week,
The Runner came home and said to me,
"I saw one of your birds today!"


When one of the dad's came to meet his daughter
at the bus stop,
my bird was hanging
from his rear view mirror in the car.


How cute is that?

I decided not to put away
my Christmas supplies at the end of the year.

My idea was to get ahead of the game.
Didn't work out exactly as planned.
I only got a dozen birds partially created.
Still needs all the pretties.

Well, better than nothing, right?

I'm gearing up for Mother's Day
and doubt I'll get back to making birds.

That means tomorrow,
my Christmas supplies go back into hibernation
until September.


  1. What a sweet idea to give these out as unexpected little gifts, Sue! They are so pretty.~Linda P.

  2. Very nice. Sincerely.Regards, Loredana.

  3. I think your Christmas birds are wonderful and make a great gift to the bus riders. What a nice memory you've given them.

  4. What a wonderful tradition. At least you're a little ahead of the game already!