Monday, October 31, 2016

Today it's all about the witches (and not!)

I am guessing some people will be
knocking on doors tonight.
Or perhaps they'll just be at their doors
handing out treats.
Will any of them be dressed up like a witch?

"Everyone deserves
the chance to fly."

"My angel wings are
in the repair shop ...
So today I'm riding the

I just love the legs and feet drawn on these pumpkins.
Sooooooo witch-like.

This little cutie is trying to decide which
broom she'll ride tonight.

How sweet that this little witch
is taking the time to sit on the steps
and blow bubbles.

What's not to love about this sweet witch
riding her broom in front of the harvest moon?

Did you notice that I used
some of the night flyers that
Karen Bailey sent to me?
Still have some left over for next year.
Thanks, my friend.

Molly's mamma celebrates her birthday today.
Keeping with the Halloween spirit,
her card has pumpkins - no witches.

Happy Halloween, friends.

1 comment:

  1. Love all of your cute "witch" cards! You actually made the witches look pretty with all the sweet embellishments! I love Halloween!