Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I couldn't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her birthday is today.
She received her gift on Saturday
but she wanted to wait to open it
on her birthday.

I couldn't wait.
Called her last night and we FaceTimed.
Here's what she got.

I bought the letters and the skull a year ago!
The rest of the stuff were in my Halloween box.

Here's an up close of each letter.

I wish now I would have white-washed
the skeleton.  Darnit.

These will go with birthday gifts
from the last two years.
The pumpkin started
the Halloween-themed birthday gift in 2014.

It wasn't planned, but last year she got this crow.

Next year?
You'll have to wait and see.

Happy birthday to my sister!


  1. How cool! I like the non-whitewashed skeleton because it's hiding like a little surprise waiting to be discovered.

    Thanks for the BOO and all of the other goodies.

  2. How fun! This is great - and the collection is perfect!

  3. Cute decor! Perfect for the season ♥