Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I remember

I remember, many many years ago,
Phyllis and I took our daughters to The Front Row
to see the Jackson 5.

We didn't sit in the front row but close enough.
Better yet, the entire first half of the show,
many seats directly behind us were empty.

After intermission, you'll never believe who sat in two of the seats.
Janet and Latoya.
No lie.

And we bought our tickets the night before
yet still got seats in the fourth row.
How does THAT happen?

Anyway ...
back to the reason for this post.

Today Phyllis celebrates her birthday.
We know Michael Jackson won't be at her party.
Probably not Janet either.

But just in case Latoya shows up,
or even if she doesn't,
I know you'll have a great day.

Happy birthday, Phyllis!

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