Monday, June 20, 2016

June Brides

Three couples celebrated their anniversaries.

Julie and Mark celebrated yesterday.
The wedding was years ago in Ohio.
They're still together and still in love.
I just love happy endings.

One year ago today, Brianne and Justin
married in North Carolina.
I couldn't resist snipping off the metal flower
to insert inside the organza flower.
Where did I get the metal flower?
From Magnolia Market!!!

Christina and Andrew
married in Florida one year ago today.
The mother of the bride sent me this image
from their wedding album.
Aren't the rings just beautiful?

I've seen the pictures from all three weddings.
Can I just tell you that everything was

Happy Anniversary!
Now keep on honeymooning.


  1. Each one is perfect and I know how appropriate for each couple' xox

  2. Hi Sue, your designs are stunning and will be a keepsake for those receiving them. Thanks for sharing your talents my friend. Have a great weekend ahead. xo