Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sixth Annual Spaghetti Dinner

The Euless Citizen Fire Academy Alumni Association
thought it would be great to give back to our guys (and girl)
that give so much of themselves on a daily basis.
We've been cooking dinner for them for six years
(with plans for next year already) and last night was the night!
My friend and fellow-alumni, Betty Priddy,
arrived at the station at 11:30.
Shortly thereafter, Lori Johnston arrived.
Once the sauce was simmering,
the meatball rolling and frying process began.
We lost count, but I do know that 20 POUNDS of meat was used.
I'm suspecting 300+ meatballs.

As we cooked, it was nice having our firefighters
in the kitchen keeping us company and entertaining us.
Especially the entertaining part.
I'm not sure who's the funniest: Kenny? or Adam? or Jeff?
Together they are crazy.

Shawn may be quiet, but he can cut up like the rest of them.
The guys also helped!
They set up the tables and chairs.
They lifted big heavy pots.
They made the iced tea.
And they Kenny sampled.

By the way - who wouldn't love to have a pantry like that!?!
Once all the on-shift station guys arrived from all three stations,
and once the alumni got there with all of their food contributions,
we sat down and broke bread together as one happy family.

Scott, Chance and Jerri ... you are really serious, aren't you?
No time for talking when it's time to eat.
Thanks, Jerri Keller, for the garlic knots - sure glad I snagged one for myself.

Barney Snitz, Ann Marie's cookies were the best - as always.
Please thank her for us.

Awwwww, come on Betty.
No scowling ... the hard part is finished.

Our treasurer, Dave Shanahan, digs in.
Jean Nuber and Peggy Vandiver enjoying the food and the conversation.

Thank you for joining us, Division Chief Paul Smith!
Alumni, Barb Niziolek. 

Mother, Shirley Daily and daughter, Sherri Browning.
Great desserts, ladies.

Adam - "eating healthy" ...

Now what'd I say about entertainment?

Jeremy, George and Adam.

Chris and Saul.

It's okay that you took my seat, Brandon.

Jeremy and Lori Tompkins.
Kristy Wynne and Joyce Maxwell.

Kathy Ames, Linda Eilenfeldtand Shawna DePuente.

Anniece McKanna, Scott and Barney.

This was one of my highlights of the night.
We cooked and the firefighters cleaned up.
I'm sure we made a mess of the stove,
but those guys took it all apart and got after it.
Thanks Brandon and Kenny!

Rookies always get the grunt work.
Andrew scrubbed those pots and pans.
And scrubbed.
And scrubbed.
What a guy!

See that mop leaning against the wall?
Once the guys danced with it,
the wet mop came out.

Rob has a happy face.
Not just from having a full belly, but from successfully completing
the Firefighter II promotional process today
along with Toby and Michael.
Congratulations, guys!

All of the tables and chairs in the day room have been taken down
and loaded in the vehicles to return.
Yep - I ate, too!!!
Kudos ...
To Joe Forgione for handing down his recipe and the large sauce pot.
We missed you!
To The Runner for shopping and delivering all of the ingredients.
To Betty Priddy and Lori Johnston for helping me cook.
To Chief Morris for arranging for the tables and chairs to magically appear.
To all of the firefighters that helped in their many ways.
To the alumni that brought salads, bread and desserts.
We couldn't have done it without you!!!!!
See you next year, God willing.


  1. What an amazing group of dedicated people you all are! It's dinner time, and those meatballs are making my mouth water!

  2. Oh my goodness- what a wonderful dinner!! Wish I could have been there- lol!! You are so awesome for all that you do to support those guys--they sure deserve that wonderful dinner. I bet they love you to pieces!!! Xoxo

  3. Ps-- those guys are real cuties!!

  4. My Fireman is retired for 1 1/2 years now . I LOVE that you treated the Firehouse!
    Great pictures and great gesture.