Monday, May 11, 2015

As promised ...

Here are the remaining 2015 Mother's Day cards.
My wish is that everybody had a wonderful day yesterday
and was spoiled silly.
I'm hoping that my cards put a smile on every single face
when they opened theirs.
(They were all made with love!)
Norma, I just know that Jose and your three children honored you
the way you deserve to be honored.
Other than on this card, did you receive white roses?
Jose's mamma and Norma's mamma received one, too.

Lisa and Lori (sisters) have added to their card collection again this year.
Lucky Kay ...
one from her daughter and one from her husband.

Macie has been receiving my Mother's Day cards for years.
Here's one more to add to the collection.

And one for Macie's daughter, too.
Pat has been sending her loved ones my cards since 2003
and I just love that those loved ones send her one of my cards every once in a while.
Kerri's mamma received her first card of mine.
Hoping she loved it!

Phyllis, sweet Phyllis.
Your daughter loves you!
Vicki, you know you are loved when your husband treats you to this!

Lauren celebrated her very first Mother's Day this year.

... and XC's twin girls have made her a mamma.

LeeAnn's mom, mother-in-law
and her daughter, Allyson, received cards as well.

Another first-time mamma celebrated her first Mother's Day.
I'm sure Nick spoiled you, Stephanie!!!
Nick spoiled his own mamma, too.
... and his mother-in-law as well!

Well, that's it for this year.
These are my most favorite cards to make.
I can bust out my glitter, bling, flowers and lace and go to town.
It is always bittersweet for me to make Mother's Day cards.
I'd give anything to be able to be able to honor my mother just one more year.
Sadly, that isn't to be.
I miss you, Mom!


  1. You really made some beautiful cards. Know they were appreciated.

  2. Your cards look amazing! I can see the joy on the faces that received them

  3. Sue-- these are gorgeous-- every one of them. I love them all-- but my favorites are the lilacs and the tulips in the washtub:)