Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Busy times in my playground ...

Cards, cards and more cards.  Mostly birthday, but this "congratulations on your promotion" found its way onto my work space, too.

My cousin, Lois, celebrated her birthday just the other day and here's the card I created for her.  I'm hoping she did have an "oh happy day!!!"

When I saw this image, I knew it was perfect for Vicki, the nest lady (this is how I lovingly refer to her because she IS THE NEST LADY.)  She knits the most beautiful nests - ever!  I hope you had a wonderful day, sweet friend.  One of these days we will meet - crossing fingers.

My sweet little pen pal is little no longer.  Sweet Julia has reached her teen years.  Here is the card I created especially for her.

My friend, Marie, celebrated her birthday the other day and here is her card.

I leave you with this:  Fill your heart with what's important.


  1. I love love love my beautiful card:)

  2. What a wonderful way to get to see your cards. They are all works of art.

  3. Lucky are the people who receive one of your beautiful cards!

  4. Your cards are so beautiful.
    Hugs to you,